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Friends of Lakeview approached AURA Candle Bar to collaborate in the creation of a scent representing the many beautiful things of our vast, diverse and friendly Chicago neighborhood.  Twenty five percent (25%) of each “The Spirit of Lakeview” candle sold in our studio will be donated directly to Friends of Lakeview to support their community mission.  Visit the AURA studio soon to purchase a candle for your self or a friend and help support our vibrant neighborhood.     

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Local Lakeview Business AURA Candle Bar

Curates First-Ever Spirit of Lakeview Candle

Custom fragrance developed pays homage to the northside neighborhood

CHICAGO, IL—June 2, 2024-- Friends of Lakeview has partnered with local Lakeview business, AURA Candle Bar, to create a first-of-its-kind candle that embodies the spirit of Lakeview: bright, resilient and proud.

 The process of creating the candle involved Lakeview Roscoe Village Chamber of Commerce and Friends of Lakeview executives consulting at AURA Candle Bar to explore what exactly Lakeview smells like. By brainstorming key words and phrases that described Lakeview, the words bright, resilient, & proud came to the forefront. From over 100 single-scents, the signature scents that represented those key words were created for the prototype candles which was then finalized for the Friends of Lakeview board meeting, where members discussed, assessed, and of course sniffed each option.

 “This was a collaboration in its highest form,” said Lakeview Roscoe Village Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Becca Girsch. “Making candles is not just a trend or fad in Lakeview. We are proud to partner with AURA Candles, one of the leading game-changing experiential candle-making companies in the 21st century providing raw materials and wisdom to create the essence and scent of Lakeview.”

 “This is an exciting partnership with the chamber of commerce and Friends of Lakeview executives on this special project,” said Tom and Linda Pendrey, co-founders of AURA Candle Bar in Lakeview on Southport. “We hear stories from our guests, whether joining us from Chicago or visiting from around the globe, that they never knew that they could have so much fun creating a beautifully fragranced one-of-a-kind candle. Partnering with the Lakeview team, allows our company to extend our reach into other small businesses with this special custom scent.”

 The spirit of Lakeview candle has a top note of green leafy accents reflecting the essence of shade on the tree-lined streets, a middle note of woody and peppery nuances intertwined with earthy tones, creating a blend that represents the community members and businesses and a base note of creamy, richness invoking connection within a thriving community. These high quality 10 oz. vessels, priced at $38, provide a simple design, sure to fit into any setting and make the perfect gift or addition to your own home. 25% of sales of the candles go back to Friends of Lakeview.   

Stop into the Lakeview Chamber of Commerce at 1409 W Addison Street to purchase a candle for yourself or a friend in support of our community. Every AURA Candle Bar candle is wicked with cotton paper and is hand-poured soy wax. AURA is located at 3338 N Southport Avenue Chicago, IL 60657.

Candles can be purchased at:

Friends of Lakeview’s mission is to leverage individual and corporate donations, grants, and other sources of funding, to support a resilient local economy and high quality of life for the benefit of businesses and residents in Chicago's Lakeview community by improving and enhancing public streets and spaces, creating memorable experiences, and promoting the neighborhood.

 About the Lakeview Roscoe Village Chamber of Commerce:

The Lakeview Roscoe Village Chamber of Commerce mission is to support a resilient local economy and high quality of life for the benefit of businesses and residents in Chicago’s Lakeview and Roscoe Village communities through neighborhood promotion, business development, advocacy, and public space enhancements. We are a partnership between the Lakeview Roscoe Village Chamber, SSA 27 and Friends of Lakeview, and we support each other to advance our common mission.

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