-AURA Candle Bar's Scent Experience requires approximately 45 minutes, give or take your familiarity with our process.

-Reservations are highly recommended. The AURA Team will do its best to accommodate walk-ins around reservations when space is available.

-The price of the experience is based on the vessel/s you choose in which to pour a custom scented candle starting at $40 (+tax). You are welcome to customize the scents of multiple items per visit.

-All candles require 2 hours to cool following the completion of ones' reservation before they are available to take home. Candles poured within two hours of closing are ready one hour after the studio opens the following business day. Reed diffusers, however, can be ready immediately after your custom scent has been blended and poured. 

-The Southport Corridor offers many dining, shopping, fitness and theater options to fill your time while you wait for your product/s to cool. No time to wait? You may choose to pick up your creations another day. For your convenience, we at AURA can hold your items for up to two weeks. 

How much does the experience cost? 

  • The price of the Scent Experience is based on the vessel in which you choose to pour a custom-scented candle, diffuser or wax melt. The price point starts at $38 (+tax) for wax melts and $40 (+tax) for candles. We offer a variety of vessel options at various sizes/prices to fit one’s style and budget. You are welcome to customize the scents of multiple products per visit.  AURA only accepts credit cards/ Apple Pay and is cashless.

What did I pay for when I entered my credit card to complete my reservation?

  • The card you used to create your reservation is not charged unless you are a no-show for your scheduled reservation, per the cancellation policy that all guests agree and sign to when making a reservation.
  • A physical credit card is required at checkout to pay for one’s experience; for your security, the AURA team does not have access to credit card information entered online to create a reservation. 

How long does the process take? 

  • The entire process takes approximately 45 minutes.
  • Candles are not ready to take with you as soon as you pour them. AURA’s candles require two hours to cool before you can come back to pick them up. Candles poured within two hours of closing are ready one hour after the studio opens the following business day.
  • Note that AURA is closed on Mondays, so candles poured on Sunday afternoon will be ready on Tuesday after 12 noon at the earliest.

How long do I have to pick up my candle? 

  • Candles are held for two weeks from the day that they are poured. Due to space limitations, AURA cannot hold candles longer than two weeks.

What happens to my candle if I do not pick it up after the two week period? 

  • Any candles abandoned after two weeks will be sold at a discounted price at our Candle Adoption Event. All proceeds collected from the sale of abandoned candles will be donated to a local non-profit. Follow @AURACandleBar on Instagram for updates on candle adoption events.

Can I make changes to my reservation if needed? 

  • Should you need to change the number in your reservation or cancel your reservation, please do so as soon as possible to allow others the opportunity to book a reservation.
  • Changes in reservations require a minimum of 48 hours before reservation start time - no exceptions, including illness.
  • Reservations made within 48 hours of start time will not be able to be canceled or changed.
  • Please refer back to our Reservation Terms and Conditions page to change your reservation 48 hours before your scheduled time.
  • If you book multiple reservations in one day, you are responsible for each reservation in accordance with the cancellation policy.

Will I get charged for canceling?

  • Please change the number of people in your reservation, change the time or cancel 48 hours or more in advance of your reservation time.
  • A cancellation fee of $38 per person will be charged for all no shows in your reservation or cancellations within 48 hours of reservation time.

Is parking available near AURA studio?

  • There is metered street parking in the area. Several events occur weekly within close proximity to the studio, so be sure to plan for traffic in the area.

What if I am late to my reservation?

  • Guests arriving 10 minutes late will be considered a no show/cancellation. 
  • Late arriving guests may need to be rescheduled based upon the studio’s capacity and other scheduled reservations at that time.
  • Parking delays that cause late arrival for a reservation will not be excused. Please allow for necessary extra time to allow for parking if you’re driving to Southport in order to arrive on-time for your reservation. Local events limit parking on a weekly basis in the Southport Corridor.

Can I bring alcohol into the studio? (No outside food or beverages allowed in the studio)

  • Alcohol is not permitted at AURA Candle Bar, unless you’re hosting a private event. The custom fragrance process at AURA involves an interactive experience and fragrance decision making; alcohol alters one's sense of smell.

Can my candle be shipped to me?

  • Yes! AURA ships candles upon your request for an extra fee. 

Is the experience at AURA kid-friendly?

  • AURA primarily has a reputation for being an adult space where people come for dates and corporate outings. We highly value AURA being an adult space. 

Can you bring your vessel back and refill it?

  • Vessels at AURA are for one-time candle use for safety reasons. We recommend re-purposing your vessel.